Van Mannekus R&D places special emphasis on research and development of high added value products as well as on the marketing of such products. GeoCrete® is the result of this synergy.

  • Development of new products for new and existing applications
  • Carrying out applied research to continuously improve final products characteristics and application know-how.  As for all our construction product, GeoCrete® is always evaluated through the manufacturing – in lab – of the finish product.
  • Technical support to production (quality and new products)
  • Offering specialized technical support and after sales service to the customers

The R&D Department supports the company in keeping up with the technological challenges of the sector and contributes significantly to the success of the company’s development policy and production technology developments.

To meet the above challenges, Van Mannekus infrastructure includes modern equipment for the evaluation of mineralogical, microstructure and physicochemical properties using European and International standards. The correlation of the above properties to the performance of our products in each application assists our efforts for continuous improvement, fulfilling the requirements of our customers.

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