Production Process


What is GeoCrete® ?

GeoCrete® is a fine powder consisting of mostly alkaline natural earth elements. It is used as a cement additive and stimulates directly the cement hydration processes in such a way that significant stronger foundations in building constructions are possible.

GeoCrete® for stabilization purposes

GeoCrete® neutralises most of the fulvic and carbon acids which are part of the organic elements of many natural soils. The combined mix of GeoCrete® and cement changes the formation of new minerals during the cement hydration and significantly increases the technical parameters like compression strenght, elasticity modulus and bending tensile strenght. Therefore equally strong foundation constructions can be reached with soils/granular minerals which where inferior at first, and higher technical parameters are now in reach by using traditional building aggregates.

GeoCrete® for immobilization purposes

The special modified GeoCrete® is developped for immobilization purposes and gives the possibility to enclose the pollutants in the soil in such a way that leaching stays within the required boundaries. Heavy metals and most organic contaminants can be durably embedded into the new build Geocrete construction.

Adding all the advantages up, this means :

  • Less time

  • Less money

  • Less building aggregates, NO soil exchange

  • Almost no excavations and therefore a minimum of transportations