Our Technology

The GeoCrete® stabilisation works according to the same principle as any other cold-mix recycling. The cold mix IN-SITU recycling method demands however a very straight forward organization. This organization and discipline becomes more complicated and demanding if the circumstances of the job are more difficult. For example, countries with less technical support, extreme climate and few equipment can present complication in the process and it needs to be anticipated. The usage of GeoCrete® required as well an extra specialized knowledge of this cold-mix recycling technique. The mixture and dosing of this compound needs to be extremely accurate.

The GeoCrete® construction method is a solid system approach, in which not only the additive is important, but also the anticipation of all the possible failures in the construction procedure. Each steps of the process is crucial in order to get a good application of the premix and the expected properties of the finish work. That is why our support on the jobsite during the construction work is just as important as the additive itself. In order to make you succesfull and satisfied, Van Mannekus provides all the support that is required.

The GeoCrete® system approach