logoA major player in Europe, TIMAB, a subsidiary of Roullier Group, produces and markets mineral raw materials (magnesia, phosphates, maerl and many others), mainly for animal feed. TIMAB also offers its products to many other industries including: fertilizers, agribusiness, road de-icing and wastewater treatment industries. Present worldwide, TIMAB keeps on expanding its sales plan and getting autonomous in raw materials supply.

Picture3Grecian Magnesite is a privately owned company which was established in 1959 as a mining and industrial operation in Chalkidiki, Greece. Being a magnesia specialist, G.M. produces and commercializes Caustic Calcined Magnesia, Deadburned (Sintered) Magnesia, Magnesium Carbonate (Raw Magnesite) and Basic Monolithic Refractories. A wide range of grades is currently produced, addressing practically all applications where magnesia is used.

terraTerrastab BV is a contractor specialised in soil stabilizations (improving the bearing capacity of soil) and immobilizations of contaminated soil (preventing pollution from leaching into the ground water) using “Geo – Techniques”. The Dutch company has build experience with the product GeoCrete® in domestic and foreign countries since 2002.
Terrastab is one of our most important partners for the engineering advising. For example, checking the area composition (environment, soils descriptions) and performing soil technical pre-researches is handle by Terrastab’s team. They make sure that GeoCrete® soil stabilization is possible and that the highest peformance will be reached.
Terrastab Nederland BV can also provide assistance with the performing at a technical level whereby jobs can be guided in the field. In order to improve the application process onsite, our Terrastab’ staff can train and / or educate local workers . It usually involve the training of machinist to operate equipment which are specificly used for GeoCrete® soil stabilization.