Brief History

Founded as early as 1904, Van Mannekus started as a family company in the centre of Rotterdam. In 1990 the company was acquired by Possehl Erzkontor from Germany and moved its headquarters and production plant to its present location in the port of Schiedam. By 2007 half of the company’s shares moved hands to Europe’s largest magnesia producer Grecian Magnesite with the remaining 50% being acquired by the French Roullier Group in January 2012.

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Van Mannekus has been involved over the year in the construction business directly, or indirectly, through the production of magnesia mixes and emery for specific cements, flooring, anti-skid flooring, insulated panels/boards, soils treatment and abrasive in general. The GeoCrete® material has been following a natural development in bringing more performance to the new requirement of nowadays construction. It has been our first jump into the cement additive business and remain one of our star product after all these years.


Van Mannekus is not only a company producing powder or powder mixes. VMC is also, and especillay, committed in providing services based on three key aspects:

  • Products; for each Magnesia and Emery application, with our own production and secure trading focussing on traceability, quality and consistency
  • Logistics; excellent logistical solutions with worldwide solution through the Roullier group logistics network and from the unique location in the Rotterdam port area
  • Support; stringent quality control by onsite laboratory, Research & Development support from Grecian Magnesite’s R&D centre, financial and logistical services from the Roullier Group


Key Figures

  • Established in 1904
  •  Own berth and unloading facilities for vessels up to 200 meters
  • Onsite laboratory for chemical and physical analyses i.e Specific Surface area measurements (SSA)
 and measurement of Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
  •  Fully automatic packing lines with the possibility of customer specific labelling. and PLM crane (2009) with unloading potential of vessels up to 200 meters
  • Total surface area of 25 000 m2 of which 60% is under roof
  • Storage capacity ~15 000 mt (raw materials & final products)
  • 3 mills with upgraded mixing facilities
  • Capacity of 10 000 tpa emery products (various grain sizes)