Port of Kats 10 Years Sustainability

In 2006, the coating of the characteristic harbor at Kats in Zeeland was found to be inadequate. Because one did not wish to apply asphalt at the port boards, a constructive stabilization with Geocrete was chosen, as an overlay, an old street clinker. Geocrete constructive stabilization deserves itself in concrete structures such as container terminals. Below is the testimonial of port users after more than 10 years.

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Design parameters available

Meanwhile, Van Mannekus has invested heavily in research testing and determining design parameters with her partners. There is also 10 years of experience in sustainability.

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Higher road safety and high durability road widening

Unfortunately, many municipalities and counties struggle to reduce maintenance costs and increase road safety. For the construction in a traditional manner, removing the often polluted soil, delivering and profiling granules according to br 2506 and a floating layer often costs a lot of money and has the disadvantage that the foundation is insufficiently stable.

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Dijk applications now further

The Netherlands: If the dikes break is 60% below sea level. After applying innovative GeoCrete as a dike liner, we conclude with Infram and Rijkwaterstaat on the water protection program. HWPB. For this we are glad to introduce new projects in the program 2017 -2022.

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GeoCrete® stabilizing Poland !

The GeoCrete® team along with its local partner VanStab  is currently developping its path through POLAND!

Once again the Dutch technology shows its performance and prove that ECOFRIENDLY stabilization is a reality!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to visit or discuss about upcoming projects around the world.

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