Application Onsite

Preliminary Research

Starting with an examination of the soil and/or existing aggregates in the roadbase. What are the properties of these soil components? This data will give us the information we need to determine the right Cement/Geocrete®/Soil mixture. The cost of the stabilisation is partly depending on the mixture.

  • Lab tests of the raw soil material such as proctor, organic content, grain sizes, Attenberg limits etc.
  • Preparing different test cylinders with different mixtures
  • Compression strength, E-modulus, splitting test etc.
  • Lab test of these pre-fab made test cylinders

Application & Equipment

In order to insure quality result, you need, just as in any other works, the right tools. The equipment should be suitable for the job. It doesn’t necessarily have to be new and expensive equipment but make sure that your equipment is up for the particular works. Terrastab engineers has the knowledge and the experience and can assist you to determine if the right equipment. They can handle the check up and advice you on the necessary repairs / spare parts  or maintenance.

Design & Lifetime Cycle

In many cases it is necessary to modify the traditional design to a tailor made Geocrete® design. Terrastab can assist you with implementation of the right data which came from the preliminary research. Also specialized engineers and / or software can be provided. The calculations with the data will prove that Geocrete® solutions have a longer life time and durability and,…especially in the long term,  are always cheaper!!

Training & Supervision

Geocrete® always makes sure that every step during the construction is in good hands. Terrastab engineers will be on site during construction at all times. From early morning to late evening they will be standing at your side to guide you through the different steps.  They will handle the reporting onsite to ensure that the right recipes are being used. They will insure the homogeneous mixing quality, the correct mixing depth, and the water usage and all necessary quality control. Terrastab can also be hired to train and instruct (local) staff to use the specialized stabilisation equipment or to develop the technical awareness of the cold-mix recycle techniques which are crucial in every Geocrete® jobsite.

Verification & Testing

When the job is finished we want to know what quality has been delivered. Terrastab can stand by to advice the proper testing procedures together with you and your client. We make our comments on the assembled testing material(s) if you want us to assist you.
Drilling cores providing compression strengths is the most common test to conduct on a Geocrete® stabilized surface.  It tell us the depth in which the works were executed.
Deflection and falling weight test and the resulting E-modulus tell us more about the stiffness of Geocrete® constructions in order to calculate if the stabilisation will meet his requirements regarding bending and fatigue strengths.