Van Mannekus & Co, jointly owned by Grecian Magnesite and TIMAB industries, produces and distributes magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and other magnesium chemicals for a wide variety of applications in industrial, environmental and agricultural markets.

In the late 90’s Van Mannekus developed the GeoCrete® product. Alls tarted when our team decided to use its knowledge to improve its offer in the construction business. With over a century of experience in the market of minerals, our team invented a particular mix of minerals to be used as a cement additive for the stabilization process of specific soils. Quickly the mix showed some amazing results and the GeoCrete® concept was born.

Terrastab joined the team in order to assist, advise and optimize the GeoCrete® concept. In the last decade, the Van Mannekus team along with Terrastab has been developing and promoting the GeoCrete® concept all around the world bringing and implementing solutions to different projects dealing with specific soils stabilization requirements.